Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brief Product Review

When I'd left home this semester to come back to school, I left my locking gel at my parents' house. In it's place I'd been using the Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel (Resistant Formula). The smell was OK and it has a consistency that's a little thinner than pudding, but it seemed to get the job done well enough. I hadn't really retwisted my own hair with anything else to compare it to (I left home only the day after starting my locs). I chose this locking gel for two reasons: 1. It's difficult to find the gel that was used to start my locs to begin with and 2. I've had previous experience using their No More Itch Gro Spray (I LOVE THAT STUFF). So for these 2 months (as of this coming Thursday), that's what I've been using to retwist my hair.

I finally got my parents to mail me my locking gel (along with some other things I needed from home) and I tonight I retwisted my hair with it. I must say I can tell a major difference. The gel I use is called African Formula SuperGrow Hair Gel. Though it actually isn't made for locking hair, it has all the things locced hair needs and leaves out the things it doesn't. It has a much thicker consistency than the Mango & Lime Gel, but if you're retwisting your hair when wet (which is normally reccomended if you want neat looking locs), it really isn't a problem at all. I noticed that my hair dries much quicker (since, as I said, I retwist on wet hair) and it seems as though it stays tighter and thereby looks fresher than the other times I did it. O...and did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell? I'm not sure how to describe it...I wish I could have a way to let you smell it for yourself.

So here is my hair after the retwisting I just did...

...I can't wait til they fully loc!

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